Our experts offer specialized services applicable to the entire cycle of the State Security risk assessment and identification of threats to the design of solutions, training and management training and executive needed to overcome them.

  •  Interior Ministers  

    In this area develop consulting and strategic solutions to overcome the threats to public security, democratic governance and political stability and social:

    High Public Administration or Management:

    • Assessment of situation.
    • Evaluation of risk and threats.
    • Prospective studies and identification of trends and tendencies.
    • Interagency Strategic Planning.
    • Design of Public Policy.
    • Models of interagency cooperation.
    • Public security strategy

    Strategic Solutions:

    • Cyber security.
    • Development of capabilities related to security and defense.
    • Multidimensional Intelligence for security and development.
    • Integral Logistic.
    • Post Conflict Reconstruction.
    • Prevention of natural disasters.
    • War gaming in crisis and security.
    • Assessments of technical responses and systemic approaches.

    Training and Education:

    • Chief of services, public workers and social civilian leaderships.
    • Police and military units.
    • Crisis war gaming, simulations and workshops.
    • Integral security for development and security.
    • Operational logistic.

    Advanced Studies:

    • Geopolitical and geostrategic studies.
    • Political and social studies.
    • Country Risk Assessment.
  •  Ministers of Defense and Armed Forces  

    In this area developed strategic consulting and design solutions to prevent and overcome threats to national security, institutional stability and national sovereignty.

    Defense Management and Strategic Solutions:

    • Strategic assessment.
    • Risk and threats assessment.
    • National security.
    • Cyber security.
    • Prospective studies. Drivers and trends.
    • Design of strategies.
    • Models of strategic cooperation.
    • Doctrine and transformation processes in the military force.
    • Strategic capabilities and operational requirements.
    • Strategic Intelligence.
    • Integral Logistic.
    • Post Conflict Rebuilding. State Building
    • Prevention of natural and human disasters.
    • International military cooperation and humanitarian support.
    • War gaming in security and crisis.
    • Command and control systems.

    Educational Solutions:

    • Education and training tailored to special and conventional forces.
    • War gaming in crisis and simulation, workshops.
    • Strategic Intelligence.
    • Defense education.
    • Threats assessments.
    • Non-Conventional threats.
    • Professional forces, training and development.

    Advanced Studies:

    • International Cooperation Military operations
  •  Ministers of Foreign Affairs  

    In international relations provide consulting services to prevent risks to the sovereignty of the state and recommend solutions that allow you to act with initiative and freedom of action in the international arena.

    Foreign Policy Solutions:

    • Assessment of international situations.
    • Evaluation of risk, threats and opportunities.
    • Prospective studies and tendencies.
    • Multidimensional strategies of foreign policy.
    • Interagency process.
    • Humanitarian assistance.
    • International strategy of cooperation.
    • International crisis war gaming exercises.
    • Risk assessment local and regional.
    • Coordination of security and defense policies.
  •  Ministers of Environment  

    In this regard, we provide consultancy for the recovery and conservation of the environment and prevention of natural and human disasters.

    High Management to preserve the environment:

    • Risk Analysis and environmental security.
    • Interagency process and strategies.
    • Design of planning and coordination of environmental policies.
    • Public policy design.
    • Prevention of natural and human disasters.
    • War gaming and simulation.
    • Energy and sustainable solutions.

    Educational Solutions:

    • Education, training in environmental security tailored for public workers, chief of public services, civilian leaders and entrepreneurial.
    • War gaming, simulation and environmental workshops.
    • Environmental recovering workshops.
  •  Ministers of Economy  

    We make in development consultancy and design solutions for sustainable economic development.

    High Public and Entrepreneurial Management:

    • Prospective studies, drivers and trends.
    • Risk Analysis.
    • Models of interagency cooperation.
    • Cyber security.
    • Technological intelligence.
    • Energy solutions.
    • Resources Management.
    • Simulations and workshops.

    Advanced Studies:

    • Geopolitical Analysis.
    • Communications, connectivity and energy.
    • Country Risk Analysis
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