Who We Are

I-Trag is a Latin American company that provides consulting and advisory services on Security, Defense and Development to Governments, State Institutions, Armed Forces, Police Institutions and Public and Private companies.
We’re specialized in the diagnostic of situations, solutions design, process’s development and formulation of operational requirements for the development of capabilities through courses, seminaries, workshops and conferences for the development of specific and general competences.
We work on the basis of specialized, multidisciplinary and systemic criteria, customizable to our costumers needs, providing them expert assistance and joint work in order to enable them to achieve their goals.
We identify the prevailing trends in Security, Defense and Development in a world in constant change. For this purpose, we are associated to renowned services companies while we represent companies’ producers of cutting edge Technologies.
Our Experience
We have high-level professionals with technical and university training, experts in a wide range of contemporary Security specialties. In matters of Defense and public Security we have retired personnel of Armed and Police forces of Chile, as well as specialists from several American countries.

Board of Directors
I-Trag board of directors is composed by International renowned professionals and with the participation of professional experts, Technical associates and specialist in the multiple services that I-Trag provides.  
  • General Manager: Arturo Contreras Polgati
  • Executive Director: Annie Stange Werner
  • Director de Estudios Avanzados y Proyectos Tecnológicos: Dr. Hernán Joglar
  • Director de Soluciones Estratégicas Integrales: Dr. Arturo Contreras  Polgati.
  • Director de Medioambiente y de Energía: Dr. Alfredo Ravinet Ducoud.
  • Director de Seguridad Internacional: Dr. Rafael Aguirre-Sacasa
  • Director de Desarrollo de Negocios: Mg. Marcelo Tapia Canihuante
  • Director Jurídico: Licenciado Leonardo Arata M.

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